Ready To Recycle Your Christmas Tree?

I finally had a day to do my Christmas shopping and grocery shopping, to get ready for our family gatherings.

It was the Saturday before Christmas.  

And as I was driving down Whispering PInes Road in Daphne, I noticed the Christmas Tree Recycling sign. Something made me turn and look.  Yes, there was a perfectly good, beautiful tree....already recycled, with 3 days left til Christmas! 

I posted it on Instagram to see if anyone wanted to adopt it, but I think most people already had trees by that point.   And this one probably came from a school or an office that would be closed through the holidays.  So it makes sense.  But it was still a little sad.

For some, it's hard to part with the tree after Christmas.  I love to just sit and drink coffee and look at the lights, long after the presents are gone.  

But when the needles start dropping, it's time to do something! Mobile Fire-Rescue asks you to please dispose of your trees properly. Do not attempt to burn, as you risk injuring yourself and damaging property.

Here are some local drop-off locations--


By the way, there's a reason that all lights, stands, and decorations must be removed from the trees you're dropping off in Mobile.  

The trees will be ground into mulch on site rather than being transported to the landfill. The mulch is then used on landscaping projects in public right-of-ways, local parks and other public properties to beautify the community.



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