WATCH: Mascots Mix It Up At Sugar Bowl

So, in theory, it would make for cute video/photos.  In actuality, it made for exciting TV.

The meeting of the mascots at the Sugar Bowl... the Texas mascot Bevo and the Georgia mascot Uga.

A longhorn steer.  And a bulldog.  Seriously?  One of them was bound to cop an attitude, right?

It was Bevo, who apparently had his eye on Uga before they even got into the Mercedes Benz Superdome in New Orleans (see pic below).

While all eyes (and cameras) were on Uga, the longhorn bolted through his enclosure and went after the bulldog.

My favorite quote?  CBS Sports saying "the Sugar Bowl nearly turned into the Running of the Bulls, Bourbon Street style."  

You can say that again.  



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