The Golden Globes Named an Award for Carol Burnett

I've been a fan of Carol Burnett since the 1970s. When I was a kid, network variety shows were a still a thing; and the best of them was The Carol Burnett Show. While delivering eye-watering laughs, the show also made its audience part of the family. It's what good TV hosts do, and what Carol Burnett has always done better than anyone else in the business.

So when the Hollywood Foreign Press decided to introduce a Lifetime Achievement Award for television (their Cecil B. DeMille Award is for theatrical movies), they made the best decision possible and named it for Carol Burnett. Seriously, can you think of anyone more deserving? 

The Cecil B. DeMille Award is 66-years-old. I'm happy to know that long after Carol Burnett is gone, long after I'm gone, maybe long after cable television is gone and we're all watching online, future generations will hear Carol Burnett's name and hopefully take a trip down memory lane via "reruns and YouTube."


By the way, if you (like I) were wondering what Steve Carell said to get the network censors to shut him down for a moment, it was this: "It's been said that she makes Tom Hanks look like an a*^hole." And for what it's worth, he followed it up by saying it was "the greatest honor of [his] career" to present her with the award. A touching moment indeed.



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