Alabama Lost Last Night... Hey Look, A Puppy!

There's not much to say about last night's National Championship Game. For all the worry about fans not showing up at Levi's Stadium, because San Francisco, the only no-show was the Alabama Crimson Tide. 

We all knew Clemson was a great team. We all knew that Clemson had a good chance to beat the Crimson Tide. None of us believed they could give a Nick Saban-coached team such a complete beat down.

If you're looking for silver linings, just remember that Clemson coach Dabo Swinney is an Alabama guy; and if he wants it, he's also likely the heir apparent to Nick Saban (if/when Saban retires). That post-game joy was actually kind of infectious, and Swinney is a tough coach to not like.

Alabama and Clemson are likely to start next season ranked #1 and #2 again. You might actually hope that Alabama is ranked second, because the top two teams before the season are basically never the top two in that order at season's end. 

If you're still not feeling better, then you weren't lucky enough to have a co-worker bring her puppy to your office today. When I saw that adorable dog, I suggested she take him around to all the Alabama fans in the building: "Look, a puppy!" That will make anyone feel better. 

(Full Disclosure: The photo below isn't our co-worker's puppy; I was too enamored and forgot to actually take a picture. But isn't this one cute, too?)

Getty Images


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