Netflix Says We've All Been Watching "Bird Box"


I really need to watch Bird Box. Not that I think it will be a great movie -- in a recent blog post, our own Johnna Farmer gave it a "meh" review. And I know my wife doesn't want to watch after seeing the trailers. Looks too stressful.

But it's become another one of those pop culture moments. Of course, it's already brought us the far too popular #BirdBoxChallenge, where people try and navigate their way around while blindfolded. This is such a dumb idea that even Netflix is warning people not to do it.

And there's a good reason why people are talking about Bird Box, imitating Bird Box, and generally obsessing over Bird Box. Besides the fact that Sandra Bullock is in it, because who doesn't love Sandra Bullock? 

No, it's because Netflix says more than 45 million people had watched the show as of December 28th. That's actually 45 millions accounts, so maybe a couple of people watching for each account. These aren't people who just turned it on and watched five minutes of the movie. Netflix says they only counted the accounts where at least 70% of the film was viewed.

So yeah, I have to watch -- if only so that I'll understand the inevitable Bird Box jokes. Some have likely gone totally over my head already.



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