Choppa Style: Get to Know Saints' Unofficial Anthem


When Kansas City Chiefs players decided to do their own little Choppa Style dance, Saints running back Mark Ingram shut 'em down quickly, calling their attempt "flagrant." 

He's not wrong. 

Choppa Style dates back to 2003, but this year the celebratory rap has seen a huge resurgence in popularity -- especially on the Gulf Coast -- thanks to the Saints remarkable 2018 season. A season that has included a 10-game winning streak, and now a playoff run that will culminate in a Super Bowl appearance if the Saints can beat the Los Angeles Rams this weekend at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome.


Choppa, whose real name is Darwin Turner, is a New Orleans native and lifelong Saints fan. He was at the Dome watching the Saints during Week 5 of the season, when according to Nola's Fox 8, the song was played and the crowd "just went crazy." By Week 11, the video boards at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome showed Saints players Mark Ingram, Alvin Kamara and Michael Thomas all dancing to Choppa Style on the sideline.  

I gotta say, the song is infectious -- exactly what a sports anthem should be. Choppa himself describes the song this way

"Choppa Style is more than a dance, it’s a celebration. It’s like when they hear ‘Oh Yeah,' it’s time to have a good time no where you’re at.”


There are a few perks when your song helps power a Saints season. Like being a guest at a legendary quarterback's surprise party. After Sunday's big win over the Eagles, Choppa was a guest at Drew Brees' 40th birthday party, and he performed a special Choppa Style re-mix specifically for the occasion. (By the way, Brees' birthday is actually on Tuesday 1/15).


For a rapper from New Orleans to see his nearly 17-year-old song find a new audience, and as a big bonus, to help in the Saints' push to the Super Bowl, Choppa says it's just "a wonderful experience." 



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