Driving While Blindfolded? #BirdBoxChallenge Strikes Again

"This is one thing we never thought we'd have to say-- Don't drive blindfolded.  I mean, it should go without saying."

That's a representative from the Utah Department of Transportation, who was dumbfounded by drivers taking part in the Bird Box challenge. 

It happened in Layton, Utah last week.

A teenage girl pulled her beanie over her eyes as she was driving down the road.  She immediately crashed into another vehicle.  

Luckily, no one was hurt. 

Netflix recently warned/ pleaded with its subscribers not to risk hurting themselves or others with the Bird Box Challenge.  The viral challenge stems from the Netflix film "Bird Box" where the characters wear blindfolds to avoid seeing a deadly force.  

Bird Box Challenge? Don't Try This At Home!
Bird Box Challenge? Don't Try This At Home!
Netflix is warning people about the new Bird Box challenge. People, you could hurt yourself!


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