Netflix is Raising Prices

If you have a Netflix subscription, you'll soon pay more for it. The streaming giant will raise prices from 13% to 18%, depending on the plan you have. That represents its largest price increase ever, and with the increasing cost of content -- like that stupid expensive deal for Friends reruns -- you should expect more increases. 

The problem for Netflix is that they're spending so much money on content, much of it good and much of it a bit meh. They burned through $3 billion in cash last year, and I'm not even sure it's worth it. With about 495 original scripted series airing last year on a multitude of services, there's already too much for anyone to watch -- even a TV critic. I've personally gotten to the point where all that Netflix choice is too much, and I wind up either watching a Netflix show that everyone is talking about (Stranger Things), or I flip to one of the shows being promoted more heavily over at Amazon or Hulu.

But Netflix is a part of the culture at this point, if the silly #BirdBoxChallenge is any indication. So Netflix is unlikely to lose many subscribers. 


New subscribers will pay the higher prices immediately, while existing subscribers will see their rates increase gradually over the next three months. 

  • Basic Plan -- up $1, now $9
  • HD Standard -- up $2, now $13
  • 4K -- up $2, now $16

Add in this cost with the cost of other services like HBO, Hulu, Amazon, and the coming-soon Disney streaming service (coming in 2019), and all this must-see TV is really starting to add up in price.


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