The Jags New Football Stadium Now Has a Name

The University of South Alabama has announced the name for its new $72 million stadium. When the Jags open their 2020 football season, they'll be playing at Hancock Whitney Stadium. The naming rights agreement is for ten years, at which time the bank could renew or the naming rights could be sold to another company. The bank will also provide the university with "an array of financial and investment services."


This is an absolutely perfect name for an Alabama stadium, considering the number of stadiums we have with two names. 

Alabama has its Bryant-Denny. Auburn has Jordan-Hare. And of course, the City of Mobile has Ladd-Peebles. Now the Jags now have their own two name stadium: Hancock Whitney. The difference is that the Jags aren't exactly honoring anyone with the stadium's name, but those naming rights will go a long way to help pay for it. 

For those who haven't been following along with bank mergers, Hancock Bank was based in Mississippi, while Whitney Bank was based in New Orleans dating back to 1883. Hancock announced plans to buy Whitney back in 2010, and finally re-branded both banks under one name early last year.

You can watch the stadium announcement below, starting near the 23-second mark:


And you can listen to Jags football, basketball, baseball and select softball games on 99.5 The Jag!


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