Would You Like FRIES With That Trophy?

Would you like FRIES with that trophy?

The Clemson football team visited the White House yesterday to celebrate their national championship.  .

Because of the government shutdown, the White House's residential cooking staff wasn't available to prepare a meal, so the president bought some fast food and pizza, apparently paying for it out of his own pocket.  

Clemson at the White House

Clemson football players are amazing athletes with amazing appetites, according to the President.

Trump said the players wiped out more food than any human being has ever seen before. 

I get it.  Unless you've got a son who's an athlete, you've probably never seen food devoured the way only a team can do.  Growing boys are one thing; growing boys who work out all the time are something else.   

And no, it wasn't what the team was expecting from The White House.  It's the same thing college kids have all the time.  And the kind of food their trainers warn them about.

But I've never seen college athletes turn down food.  

Really wish they'd posted the "after" photo.... 



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