Nagging Cough? Try Chocolate!

A bit of a disclaimer... I'll report any research findings, no matter how small or insignificant... that recommend CHOCOLATE over medicine.   

Don't know how legit this study is... but, in the interest of your better health... and my eating more chocolate... here you go.

British researchers say if you've got a persistent cough, try reaching for chocolate.  They studied more than 160 patients, randomly prescribing either codeine cough syrup or a chocolate-based medicine called ROCOCO.  What they found is a significant improvement of symptoms in two days in patients taking the chocolately medicine, compared to cough syrup.  

They think it's because chocolate is stickier, forming a protective coating on the throat.  

So, now those researchers are recommending sucking on a piece of chocolate if you've got a nagging cough.

That's enough for me!  I think I feel a tickle in my throat... may be a cough coming on... yep, time for CHOCOLATE!



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