Instant Karma For Driver Who Tries To Run Down Snowman

I was born and raised in Alabama... and by that, I mean I grew up in Mobile.  So I haven't seen many snowmen around here!

But apparently, when you build a snowman, it creates a near-irresistible urge in some people to knock it down.  And their weapon of choice?  Cars.

Cody Lutz built this snowman over the weekend in Kentucky with the help of his fiance and future sister-in-law (who are from Mississippi and don't know much more about snow than I do!)

And Monday, when he got home from work, he saw that someone tried to run it over.

Joke's on them, though.  Cody wanted to snowman to have a sturdy base, so he built it on top of a giant tree stump.

Somewhere, someone's driving around with a lot of front-end damage and a hard-learned lesson.

Cody figured that was punishment enough, so no, he didn't file a police report.  Instant Karma... that's what he called it!


Apparently, this whole snowman vs car thing has been going on a while... 

And if you watch this one all the way through, you see that the snowman wins again--


So... remember, if you want a snowman that's not going to disintegrate when someone plows into it.... you need to re-enforce the base.

Just saying....



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