Jimmy Buffett Singing National Anthem for Saints/Rams

New Orleans is going all out for this Sunday's NFC Championship game... bringing in big names familiar to Saints fans.

Pascagoula native Jimmy Buffett will sing the National Anthem...

The Ying Yang Twins and local rapper Choppa will do the halftime show. Back in 2009, when the Saints won the Super Bowl, the Twins' song "Stand Up and Get Crunk" was their unofficial anthem.  This year, it's Choppa's song "Choppa Style".


If you're having trouble picturing Jimmy Buffett singing the National Anthem, it's nothing new for this son of a son of a sailor... 

He sang it in 2006 for the MLB-- 

(Photo credit:  Getty Images)
Choppa Style: Get to Know Saints' Unofficial Anthem
Choppa Style: Get to Know Saints' Unofficial Anthem
Mark Ingram and the Saints players go viral dancing to "Choppa Style," a nearly 17-year-old song that's rooted in New Orleans, and has become the team's unofficial anthem..


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