Forget 'Size Shame': The Numbers Are Made Up!

(Photo Credit: Getty Images)

(Photo credit: Getty Images)

I am a size 12... or 14... or 16... and sometimes even a 10. Why? It's not that I'm shape-shifting like something out of a sci-fi movie.. it's because sizes are not uniform.

And I've always been somewhat ok with that. If it fits and it looks good, I ignore the tag. But part of me always likes to see the smaller numbers, because that's what we're conditioned to do.

A newspaper article on how arbitrary those numbers actually are is causing a stir. And it's not just an objective look at numbers and measurements.

This article is striking a chord because the woman who wrote it suffered through anorexia as a teen. Her eating disorder returned when she went to try on a wedding dress and the seamstress suggested she had 2 months to lose weight to make the perfect dress fit. The seamstress didn't know she was anorexic.

Suddenly, she found herself reverting to unhealthy eating patterns.

Then she realized what she was doing... and what a lot of other brides are doing.. and she called a halt to it.

That's why she wrote this article... to help other brides (and all of us) see something very important.

These numbers we live and die by? They're all made up.



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