And The Best Super Bowl Ads of 2019 Are...

I wasn't too worried about missing the Super Bowl, because it's just so easy to see all of the ads after the game. I missed the snooze fest of a game AND could still see all 58 ads , from best to worst.

That's a win win!

And this year, while the NFL got so much wrong (read: Saints), they apparently got their advertising exactly right. In USA Today's annual AdMeter rankings, which are based on thousands of votes, the league's own ad was judged the very best .

Check out The 100-Year Game , which starts with a banquet and then devolves into a game of football, or something that mildly resembles it. (Hey, there's a football involved). Lots of NFL greats, past and present, are featured in the commercial.


We're guessing the NFL did not have to spend $5 million for 30-seconds of air time in its own broadcast, so maybe they had a bigger production budget?

Anyway, the highest-ranked ad that did cost $5 million per 30-seconds was from Amazon, offering up some humorous attempts at putting Alexa into various things -- from a toothbrush to a hot tub. The dog collar version of Alexa was laugh out loud funny, while annoyed dog owner Harrison Ford turned in a nice performance playing second fiddle to an excited dog.


Another technology company hit it big with their Super Bowl ad, as Microsoft's We All Win was designed to inspire.


AdMeter ranked all 58 commercials, and somebody's $5 million investment had to be a disaster. And the loser is.... Burger King! It's #EatLikeAndy commercial did contain one very interesting thing, though, because that's actually Andy Warhol. The scene is from a 1981 movie called 66 Scenes From America . From a production standpoint, this (worst) Super Bowl ad would not have cost much; you add a BK logo to the already existing footage. But they probably had to pay the filmmaker and Andy Warhol's estate for the right to turn it into a burger commercial.

I'm convinced it wasn't worth it.



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