Not Every Day Is Sunny

So the tweet came during the Super Bowl ... an unexpected comment from an unlikely source.

Sunny D tweeted "I can't do this anymore."

And it took off from there... getting hugs and check in's, showing love, and making sure that "Sunny D" was ok. It even became a meme.

Was it just a comment about the game that people took and ran with? It seemed fun at first, but it ended up looking like everyone was making light of a cry for help. And several people chimed in to say that depression isn't funny and shouldn't be used as a marketing strategy .

This type of brand engagement has become very popular because it's very effective . Personally, I enjoy it when some of these brands take on a personality, like the Moon Pie account. It can be really funny...

But it can also be a little weird-- as one writer put it, " The world is a weird place when brands are tweeting like they’re depressed to be ~relatable~. Support your friends. Brands will be fine."

Sunny D memes


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