That Was A Really Strange Tweet From Sunny D

Brands have been doing their best to develop their own "personalities" on social media. Wendy's may be among the most famous for its Twitter feed, but the brand that might have gotten the most attention during the "Big Game" was this cry for help from none other than Sunny D: "I can't do this anymore."


Based on its timing and the brand's tweet 30 minutes earlier ("3-3 SCORING SPREE"), we pretty much assumed it was a reference to the dull-as-dirt Super Bowl. But that didn't stop a lot of real people and a lot of other brands from chiming in. Even the MoonPie was worried:


So yeah, this is what social media marketing looks like in the 21st century.

As I mentioned, Wendy's is one of the best at this game. Their tweet during the Super Bowl was brutal:


And once again, the other brands went to town. Actually, it appears Pop Tarts went to Wendy's...


And just for fun, a few others from Super Bowl Sunday.



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