OBIT: Saints Fan Was Determined To Miss the Super Bowl


Henry Jaume died way too young. The Army veteran and former police officer was just 65-years-old, and a native of New Orleans. His obituary, which appeared in the New Orleans Advocate , said he loved going to Saints games.

Obviously, it's a sad time for his family. But Henry (or a family member) used the unwanted opportunity to get in one more jab at the NFL, following that awful no-call in the NFC Championship Game. You see, Henry Jaume died less than five hours before the Super Bowl kicked off on Sunday.

And so the obit read: " Henry A. Jaume, Sr. Age 65, Passed away on Sunday, February 3, 2019 at 1:00 P.M. Determined not to watch Super Bowl LIII."


There been a lot of snarky jabs at the NFL from Saints fans since they were eliminated from Super Bowl contention. Like the billboards Matt Bowers (owner of Eastern Shore Nissan) bought.... in Atlanta. But Henry Jaume took it to another level, using his own death as an opportunity to take one final swipe at the NFL.

Well done, sir!

Saints Fan Buys Billboards in Atlanta
Saints Fan Buys Billboards in Atlanta
A diehard Saints fan and owner of several car dealerships in the SE, including Matt Bowers Eastern Shore Nissan, has placed a bunch of billboards in... Atlanta?


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