Dolly Parton's "Red Shoes" Song And The Movie It Came From

The Dolly Parton tribue on The Grammys had all her biggest hits. Then she announced she was going to sing a new song.

But it wasn't new to those of us who've seen the movie Dumplin' on Netflix. We know who Aunt Lucy was and all about the red shoes that she wore... and why they were so important to Dumplin'.

I remember as a child

I was absolutely wild

'Bout some red shoes that my aunt Lucy wore

She would let me stomp around

In those high heels up and down

Round the house and round the wrap around porch

And from that moment on

I've had a pair of my own

They make me feel at home and brand new

They build my confidence

As if they've been heaven sent

I feel alone, I'm puttin' on my red shoes

If you haven't seen the movie, it's really good. I was afraid it would villanize Moms and pageants, but that's not quite how things work out.

Definitely a must-see movie..... especially if you love Dolly Parton! (You'll see.... just watch the trailer!)



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