Another Truck Stuck in the Bankhead Tunnel? Not if ALDOT Can Help It...

It's become a bit of a running joke in Mobile. At some point each year, or maybe 2-3 times each year, another truck will get stuck in the Bankhead Tunnel. That doesn't even count the times that radio stations lose a mast from their vehicle (um, sorry).

But whether it's because someone wasn't paying attention to all the warning signs that say "12 FT HEIGHT CLEARANCE," or they just didn't think their truck needed 12 feet to clear the tunnel's entrance, ALDOT would like to put an end to this... tradition.

So they're trying something new:


This new warning system includes electronic stop signs and red lights, while the big message board says "STOP!!! DO NOT ENTER!!!" And if the overzealous use of the exclamation points doesn't make you stop, maybe the very loud siren will.

We're all hoping it helps, but I've also noticed that a lot of people have a penchant for thinking the red light doesn't apply to them -- at least not if it just changed. So we can only hope this makes a difference. If not, ALDOT can take comfort that stuck trucks will at least divert more people to the Wallace Tunnel, improving future toll collections.

The Wallace Tunnel Will Eventually Be Tolled
The Wallace Tunnel Will Eventually Be Tolled
If you think you can bypass a toll by taking the Wallace Tunnel instead of the new Mobile River Bridge, think again.


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