Vaping in the Boys Room? Daphne Police Cracking Down on Students Vaping

If your kid is vaping at school, they could get a ticket from the police.

Daphne police are cracking down on minors who are vaping, smoking, or using any tobacco products at Daphne High School.

Daphne Police Department's Police Officers, to include School Resource Officers, have the authority to enforce Alabama Code 28-11-13 when the violation occurs within Daphne City limits by issuing a Daphne Municipal Ordinance Ticket (MOT). Alabama Code 28-11-13 covers it is unlawful for any minor to purchase, use, posses, or transport tobacco, tobacco product, or alternative nicotine product within this state.

Students caught smoking or vaping already faced consequences at school, but getting a ticket from the police is new. Fines range from $10 to $50, with possible court costs.


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