WATCH: Crazy In Love.... And Dancin' with a Corn Dog!

If only I had this kind of technology when my son was a toddler.... because that little guy could bust a move! I'll never forget my step-brother howling at Christmas, watching little Mikey dance.

Of course, right now "little Mikey" is breathing a sigh of relief that Mom doesn't have that video! (May need to check with my step-brother, though...)

This little girl is going viral for her dance... her infectious laugh... the fan blowing her hair... and the CORNDOG in her hand the whole time.

Her family is pushing the video on YouTube, hoping to catch the attention of The Ellen Show and Beyonce.

From her mom:

"Our almost two-year-old little girl loves to dance, and after being inspired by another little girl dancing, we caught the most epic hair blowing, corn dog eating, Beyoncé dancing video!"



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