Man Threatens Suit Over Photo in Article About How Hipsters Look Alike

The article "The hipster effect: Why anti-conformists always end up looking the same" got one man angry enough to threaten suit against MIT Technology Review for unauthorized use of his photo.

Here's what he wrote:

"Your lack of basic journalistic ethics in both the manner in which you 'reported' this uncredited nonsense, and the slanderous, unnecessary use of my picture without permission demands a response, and I am, of course, pursuing legal action."

At first, they thought he was upset at being labeled a hipster.

But they took him seriously enough to investigate the photo from Getty Images, to see if the model had signed all the necessary releases.

He had. But he wasn't the guy who was complaining.

Soooooooo.... maybe there's something to this study about nonconformists conforming to each other. In other words, "hipsters all look alike."


(Photo credit: Getty Images, via MIT Technology Review)


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