Easter Version of "Elf on the Shelf"? "Peep on a Perch"

It's not as creepy as Elf on the Shelf can be... and it doesn't have to move each day, either!

The Peep on a Perch is designed to promote good behavior by watching children do good things in the days leading up to Easter. And the more kindness the Easter Peep sees, the happier the Easter Peep gets!

Kids can touch the Peep... hug the Peep... without fear that the Easter Bunny won't visit. It's meant to be played with, not just put on a shelf.

I'm thinking it's always a good idea to encourage good behavior. Thoughts?


And if it seems like Peeps are everywhere... they are! They make 2 BILLION Peeps a year!

Here's a peak at Peep production (try saying that 5 times fast!)



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