Take A Tour of the New Terminal At Brookley Field

In less than two months, passenger flights will commence from Mobile's Downtown Airport at Brookley Field. It's part of a plan to eventually move all passenger services from Mobile Regional Airport (MOB) to Brookley Field (BFM). There are plenty of reasons for this -- the airport's location is closer to both Downtown Mobile and its potential passengers across the region; there's easy access to the interstate; and Brookley Field, with its long runway, can accommodate planes of any size. In short, it's about being competitive with other regional airports like Pensacola and Gulfport.

A temporary terminal will open in time for the first passenger flights in a building that will be shared with Airbus in the short term. Long term plans are for Airbus to vacate the terminal building altogether, allowing terminal expansion to four gates. Final plans call for a larger terminal that will serve the big network airlines like Delta, United and American. That's still 3-5 years away, but when it happens, all of Mobile's passenger air service will fly into Brookley Field.

NBC-15's Nicole Fierro took a look at the new terminal and the exciting developments:


Right now, you can book low cost flights on Frontier Airlines to both Denver and Chicago, for service starting May 1st. Via Air will also use the new low cost terminal for it's flights to Orlando/Sanford, as well as new service to Birmingham and Raleigh-Durham. Ultimately, the success of the low cost terminal comes down to how many people are using it. If the flights are full, we can expect additional air service and even more competitive air fares. And with a Mobile airport that's more convenient to beach destinations than ever before, we expect plenty of people from other places will choose to fly into Brookley Field for their vacations along Alabama's beautiful Gulf Coast.

Spread the word, book a flight, fly BFM. It will take awhile to get used to that airport code, especially since our existing passenger airport may have the best airport code in the history of airports. But we'll keep MOB on our hats.

Frontier Airlines Is Adding Service at Brookley Field
Frontier Airlines Is Adding Service at Brookley Field
Frontier Airlines will fly to several destinations from the new low-cost airline terminal at Brookley Field.


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