Soft Serve Ice Cream at HOME? It's Like a Keurig for Ice Cream!

You're craving soft serve ice cream. You hit the drive thru line, only to be told the soft serve machine isn't working. Again. Is it ever?

Those days of frustration may be about to end. LG has invented a soft serve ice cream machine for your HOME and it looks as easy as your Keurig.

The prototype was unveiled at SXSW 2019. And soft serve isn't all it can do... think gelato, granita, sorbet, yogurt and more. Oh, and it cleans itself. I think I'm in love!

And while it's not available yet, I would like to go on record right now and add it to my Christmas list. My husband always asks what I want and I always say I don't really need anything. And he gets me gift cards to some of my favorite stores.

But I NEED this. Don't you?


Just think what a great public service it would be, to eliminate all this frustration!



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