WATCH: Grand Bay Man Takes Last Spot on Blake's Team on "The Voice"

We have another local contestant to root for on The Voice! Last year, we were pulling for Kirk Jay (who has a concert in his hometown of Bay Minette this weekend); now we can cheer on Rod Stokes of Grand Bay, who took the last spot on Blake Shelton's team. He had 3 judges to choose from. Blake, Adam and John Legend all turned their chairs for his version of the Bee Gees "To Love Somebody."

Some background on Rod, from the publicist for "The Voice"--

"Rod grew up watching his sister sing in church, but he was too shy to participate. Being a larger kid, he ended up spending most of his time playing football. He continued to play in college, but his football dreams were cut short when he had to drop out to take over the family construction business. Without football in his life, Rod felt inspired to start singing and his family started their own traveling musical ministry. Rod met his wife on the road, and since being married he has lost over 100 lbs. Rod is ready to give his music career a real shot on “The Voice” stage."


Here's what Rod's like, just playing guitar and singing on his couch....



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