Just ONE Perfect Bracket Left... How Far Will They Go?!

Every March Madness, there are cautionary tales about how IMPOSSIBLE it is to have a PERFECT bracket. 

But someone actually DOES have a perfect bracket through 48 games . . . and that's notable, because in all the years that the NCAA has been reviewing millions of brackets, the best start they've ever seen is perfection through 39 games.

And even if this bracket busts soon, there's a good chance it could beat the OVERALL record, which is correctly guessing 54 of the 63 games. They really only need to get two of the four divisions right to hit that mark.

So... do we all start cheering for this person? Or just waiting for the inevitable bust? Because surely, it's IMPOSSIBLE to have a PERFECT bracket right??

There's no definitive math on the odds of this happening. But if you're curious, the THEORETICAL odds of having a perfect bracket at this point in the tournament are more than 1-in-281 TRILLION. Or specifically 1-in-281,474,976,710,656.

So you say there's a chance...



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