New Reese's for Chocolate Lovers or Peanut Butter Lovers

So right now, there's pretty much an even balance between peanut butter and chocolate in a Reese's peanut butter cup.

But what if you like peanut butter more? Or CHOCOLATE? (Guess which one I prefer!)

Reese's has you covered.

For a limited time, at the time of year when we eat more Reese's than any other, thanks to their Easter eggs.... Reese's is giving you a choice: Chocolate Lovers or Peanut Butter Lovers Reese's cups.

One has extra peanut butter inside and replaces the top half of the chocolate with even more peanut butter.

The other one has less peanut butter than normal on the inside, which leaves more room for chocolate.

They're both going on sale next month for a limited time. 

I'll leave you plenty of the PB Lovers kind on the shelves. You're welcome.



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