WATCH: John Legend-- Daddy Shark and Luna Shark

John Legend and his daughter Luna were inspired by John's shirt and broke into the all-too-familiar "Baby Shark" song at lunch. Too cute!

Baby Shark debuted at number 32 on the Billboard Hot 100 in January. Safe to say, it's been stuck in our heads for a lot longer than that...


LOVE to see a family that sings... and dances together!


Brings back a lot of memories! I don't have any of the singing tapes handy ... because they were cassette tapes and video tapes and who can even play those anymore? But I do have my favorite pic of Becca dancing with her Daddy at the Mardi Gras ball (well, it was the Coronation and it was after everything was over, and none of those details matter at all, do they?)


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