South Alabama's Hancock Whitney Stadium Gets Another Big Sponsor


I had a co-worker who hadn't been to a South Alabama game in far too long. We told him we'd buy him a beer if he came to a basketball game, and he was actually a bit surprised. Wait a minute, they don't sell beer at college games? Um, yes they do -- just not in the SEC.

Starting now, the University of South Alabama and Budweiser-Busch Distributing are putting any lingering doubts about that to rest with the naming of the terrace at Hancock Whitney Stadium, scheduled to open in 2020. In recognition of a $1 million gift, the cool new terrace will be called the Michelob ULTRA Terrace. This will be one of the best places to hang out at the new stadium. The Michelob Ultra Terrace is designed with social interaction in mind, with an awareness that a gathering in Mobile is likely going to be a bit of a party. It will include "several rows of walk-up drink rails which offer an intimate and immersive view of the game..."

Basically, it will be a place to mix and mingle before and during the game. And when the Jags aren't playing, the Michelob ULTRA Terrace can easily transition to a large concert stage. It's an exciting time for fans and alumni of the University of South Alabama. We've already circled the date for the first game at Hancock Whitney Stadium, happening September 12th, 2020 when the Jags take on Grambling. Tickets are not yet available, but those who either buy 2019 season tickets or make a South Circle donation in 2019 will be put into tier one ticket priority; and tickets will be available for purchase starting this summer based on priority points levels.


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