Clemson Football Throws Shade at Bama with Championship Rings

Alabama football fans may always think it's too soon to talk about their recent loss in the National Championship game earlier this year. The Crimson Tide was dominated by a Clemson Tigers team en route to a 44-16 loss.

Throughout the season, we saw the lopsided results of every Alabama game. We heard the media calling Alabama the greatest college football team ever assembled, and it was hard not to argue. Unless you were a member of the Clemson football program.

TMZ Sports says that Clemson players kept hearing that Alabama was the best ever, all while they were in the midst of an undefeated season. So they responded with a little jab at Alabama on their championship ring (or one of the rings anyway).


Yup, the Clemson Tigers laid claim to being the "best ever" in college football. While they've certainly earned bragging rights for 2019, they probably need to do better than come from behind against Syracuse (after losing to the same team a year earlier) before claiming they're the "best ever."

No matter.

Should Alabama and Clemson meet again next season, you can expect that ring to be highly motivational bulletin board material.


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