Goat Yoga? No Kidding. It's a Thing, and It's Now in Mobile

It's been a thing for a year or so... but now it's available in Mobile.

Goat yoga.

What on earth?

Actually, it's just what the name implies. You do yoga and there are goats. Baby goats running around and playing while you're trying to hold a yoga pose.

Good luck with that. And good luck getting out of there without your yoga mat being nibbled on.

Here's more from Sweetser's Native, the Grand Bay farm that started holding the unusual classes in Mobile County last month. Apparently, it went well... so they're offering more in April:

What is goat yoga? Our certified yoga instructor will guide you through gentle beginner yoga practice with the addition of adorable baby goats! These little guys love to jump and play. Enjoy fresh air and a real farm atmosphere as you attempt to hold a variety of basic yoga poses with baby goats jumping on, over, and around you. This is a unique experience that you'll never forget!

Goat Yoga

(photo credit- Sweetser's Native)


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