The Last Moments Before Hurricane Michael Knocked a TV Station Off The Air

Hurricane Michael was a devastating storm that displaced residents, devastating towns, and leaving people in its path to rebuild. During the storm, TV and radio stations across in the Panama City area did their best to keep local residents in the know, and to help keep them safe. Over at, they found YouTube video from the last moments from one of those broadcasters. On October 10th, six months ago, broadcasters at WMBB News 13 in Panama City were in the center of the storm, doing their best to cover events happening right outside their door. Eventually, the power went off and they lost video.


The News 13 crew eventually had to evacuate the studio and then finally went off the air. These weren't broadcasters doing some silly live shot outside in the storm; they were supposedly in the safety of a studio while Michael unleashed its full fury.

That didn't make it any less stressful.

Near the end of the clip, someone shouted out that they wanted to get a list of everyone present, just in case. As broadcasters ourselves, we understand the risks our fellow broadcasters often take to keep the people in our communities safe. In an era of "fake news" and attacks on the media, it's good to remember that the vast majority of broadcasters simply want to do the best job they possibly can for the communities they serve. While most people are asked to evacuate, broadcasters are supposed to stay and keep people informed. During Hurricane Michael, TV and radio crews worked tirelessly (actually, they were probably very tired) for days to bring people the info they desperately needed. And these are the things that make me proud to be a broadcaster.


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