CODE RED: The Main Severe Weather Issues We're Facing on Thursday

Today is a Code Red Weather Alert Day with our news partner, NBC 15. The risk is enough that some school districts in Mississippi and Washington County, Alabama let the kids out early. Back in Mobile, both the University of Mobile and the University of South Alabama are closing early today.

  • University of Mobile will close at 4:30PM
  • University of South Alabama will close at 5:00PM. All activities, facility reservations, and classes scheduled after this time have been canceled on both the main campus and on the Baldwin County campus.

While a Code Red Weather Alert Day isn't an official term, it's NBC 15's way of letting you know that there are weather makers coming that we all need to pay attention to. For tonight, we're looking at a final line of storms coming through late in the evening.


Our biggest issue tonight is from straight line winds, but don't rule out tornadoes. Jake Dunne says that our chance of a tornado is roughly 20 times (!) higher than normal today. It won't be a good night to walk the dog, most definitely.

UPDATE: A Tornado Watch has been posted for our entire listening area, in effect until 11PM in Alabama and Florida counties and 'til 9PM in Mississippi.


Keep your phone charged up and make sure you have multiple sources of information to get the very latest. Also, remember that the show you're binge-watching on Netflix won't be interrupted if a tornado is in your vicinity. Nor should you rely on tornado sirens; they're often tough to hear inside the house. Finally, have a plan of action in case of a tornado. Identify the safest spot in your house and be ready to gather everyone up and go there. Jake Dunne reminds us that the chance of a tornado hitting your home is tiny, but it's best to be prepared.


How about some good news after all this doom and gloom? After a few scattered showers on Good Friday, the remainder of the Easter weekend will be absolutely stunning. Plenty of sunshine, moderate temps in the 70s. Enjoy!


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