That Time When Michael Bolton Heard Rod Stokes Sing His Song...

When you sing a Michael Bolton power ballad on "The Voice" and he tweets a message of support... that's a HUGE moment! Just wish we had video of when Rod Stokes of Grand Bay first saw that message...

Rod sang "How Am I Supposed To Live Without You" during the Voice's new Cross Battles Monday. He didn't win his battle... and his coach, Adam Levine, had already used his only save and steal.

So Rod pretty much thought he was headed back to Alabama... until Kelly Clarkson hit the button to steal him.

Rod can breathe for a bit... he's made it to the Top 24. He'll be able to just sit back and watch the rest of the Cross Battles on Monday.. but he'll be looking for his fans to support him the following Monday.

Another Steal, Another Team for Rod Stokes on 'The Voice'
Another Steal, Another Team for Rod Stokes on 'The Voice'
Grand Bay's Rod Stokes survives the Cross Battles on 'The Voice'-- but he's on a new team!


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