Low Fare Alert: Cheap Fares from Downtown Mobile to Chicago and Denver

When the new low-cost terminal at Mobile's Downtown Airport (Brookley Field) opens, you'll be able to book some rock bottom prices. For example, you can book non-stop flights to Denver and Chicago for as little as $21 one way. That includes a seat and the space underneath the seat in front of you; you'd pay extra for baggage and to select your own seat. But still... $21. Just wow!

Here's a sample of a round-trip to Denver, leaving on May 4th and returning May 6th. When you're paying a little more than $52 round trip, you can afford a weekend in the Mile High City without much fuss. Chicago fares are similar.

It should be noted that these fares must be booked by April 24th, with travel dates from May 1st (the first day of service to/from Mobile) through May 15th only. But if you get on Frontier Airlines' mailing list, you'll get deals like this all the time.

And if you sign up for their Discount Den, the example fare I've shown you here is actually lower!

Downtown Mobile Airport Terminal Opens May 1st; What To Expect on Frontier
Downtown Mobile Airport Terminal Opens May 1st; What To Expect on Frontier
Mobile's Downtown Airport at Brookley Field (Airport Code: BFM) will open on May 1st, and Frontier is ready to fly nonstop to Denver and Chicago. Here's what to expect.

The success of Frontier Airlines' new service to BFM -- yes, that's the airport code for Mobile Downtown Airport -- depends on local residents using the service. My wife and I are taking a trip to Denver in a few weeks, and I have another co-worker who plans to use Frontier for regular visits to Chicago. Check it out, and make some inexpensive vacation plans.



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