Texas High School Has A Dress Code for Parents

A Houston mom found out the hard way that the school she wanted to enroll her daughter in was very particular about their dress code... for PARENTS.

Joselyn Lewis showed up at James Madison High School wearing a Marilyn Monroe t-shirt dress and a head scarf.

She was told to leave school property because she did not comply with the dress code.

First of all, the dress code is new (as of April 9th). Second, she was a new parent. But they turned her away... and now, some people are calling the dress code discriminatory.

Specifically, these are banned in the parent dress code at James Madison High School in Houston:

A satin cap or bonnet on their head

Hair rollers

Pajamas of any kind

Leggings that are showing your bottom and where your body is not covered from the front or the back

Sagging pants

Men wearing undershirts

Daisy Dukes

I would like to go on record as saying I would never show up at my child's school wearing Daisy Dukes. Or anywhere else on the planet, for that matter. And I agree that parents should look decent when they show up at their child's school.

But why couldn't they just work with this woman, just this once, explain the rules for NEXT TIME, and help her get her child enrolled?

P.S. Ok, those of you who wear PJ's to drop the kids off in car line... what happens if you need to go inside? LOL...you better hope this doesn't catch on!



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