$2000 A Year in Tolls, Just To Get To Work? This Plan Won't Work For Me!

So I missed the first meeting... probably should go to the next one.

Why? Because this Mobile River Bridge project could take a toll on my family's budget.

NBC 15 reports the tolls are estimated at $3 to $6 ONE WAY... and that works out to between $120 and $240 EACH MONTH. Even with a proposed 15% discount for heavy users, that's $2000 a year.

TIMES TWO, because my husband and I BOTH work in Mobile.

Don't know about you, but at that price, I'll either take the Causeway (along with most everyone else...so it'll be jammed) or take that long way up 225 to 65.

Personally, I'd rather deal with the traffic headaches than try to fit that into my budget.

It's too much.

Oh, that other meeting? Here's the scoop...

Thursday, May 9, 2019, 4:30 – 8 p.m., Mobile Civic Center, 401 Civic Center Drive, Mobile, AL 36602; attendees must notify parking attendants they are attending the ALDOT hearing in order to receive free parking.

And here's the press release (which does NOT include toll info): ALDOT to Host Public Hearing for Mobile River Bridge and Bayway

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