Twix/Snickers Chocolate Milk Is Now a Thing

I've always been a fan of Snickers and Twix candy bars, and the taste of chocolate milk. But I haven't had a glass of chocolate milk in many, many years. (No comment about the candy bars). That may change if I run into the new Twix-flavored or Snickers-flavored chocolate milk on my next visit to Target. These new beverages are designed to taste like the candy bars that inspired them.

A press release describing these new chocolate milk flavors states that the Snickers-flavored version "delivers a bold, nutty flavor balanced with the intense sweetness of gooey caramel and rich chocolate." The Twix-flavor "combines the three harmonious flavors of smooth chocolate, rich caramel and cookie to deliver a satisfying taste."

Nutritionally, you'll get 14 grams of protein in a bottle of candy-flavored chocolate milk; and of course, plenty of calcium, because milk. The bottle says it's lowfat milk, but I wasn't able to figure out exactly how low. Maybe 2 percent? Still, at 270 calories per 14-ounce bottle, you'll be drinking a lot more calories than a glass of 1% milk at 168 calories.

The suggested retail price for a 14-ounce bottle is $2.49, and it should be available in stores nationwide right now.


Thumbnail image courtesy of the brand via KMBC



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