Spoiler Alert: How Long Do You Have To Wait To Speak Freely About A Show?

The tough thing about spoilers is there's no rule or time limit in place. Can you talk about "Game of Thrones" now that it's been over 24 hours? Or is it still a spoiler if you reveal the end of "Friends" 15 years after it happened?

For a lot of us, TV shows are DVR'd... which means we may have to avoid social media and news for a few days until we get a chance to watch.

And for those who prefer to wait until a movie comes out on home video... they'd like you to wait a lot longer.

I guess the best rule of thumb is to check with someone, to make sure they've seen the show or movie, before blurting out what happened.

YouGov did a survey on Spoiler Alert timing this week, following the GOT finale. Click on the survey to get full results--

YouGov Spoiler Alert Survey


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