'Stranger Things' Brings Back New Coke. For Real.

Ever noticed that in the rear view mirror of time, even things we didn't like find us feeling nostalgic?

Does 'Stranger Things' make you long for everything about the 80's... even New Coke?

If you weren't around for the 80s, here's the scoop. Coke redid its formula in 1985 and called it New Coke. It was a GIGANTIC FLOP and they went back to the old formula within months (although New Coke was rebranded and hung around for a while as Coke Two.)

Anyway, Coke is bringing it back as part of a marketing stunt for the next season of "Stranger Things", which comes out in July on Netflix and is set in 1985. 

It wasn't an easy decision. They say they had to dig deep into their vault to find the can design and recipe. But, for some reason, someone saved it (to keep them from making the same mistake again???)

Coca-Cola even more or less admitted they can't believe they're bringing back New Coke but couldn't fight the modern need for viral hits. This should do it.

Sooooooo... will you try it?

More importantly... will you warn the younger generations that they're NOT going to like it? Or just watch them take a drink....



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