The Clotilda: Last American Slave Ship Found?

Last January, a local reporter made news with a claim of having located and identified the Clotilda, the last American slave ship in the Mobile River.

Though it was determined that find was NOT the ship, the incident renewed interest in solving the puzzle.

Now, they think they've found it in a previously unsearched area of the Mobile River.

Click on the National Geographic story to find out more. And check out the video below, of what the discovery means to the descendants of the slaves who were brought here aboard that ship.

Also check out Ben Raines series of stories, not only about the ship he found (which turned out NOT to be the Clotilda), but more importantly his stories about the history of the last American slave ship and the Africatown community.

It's NOT The Clotilda
It's NOT The Clotilda
Researchers released their findings on the wreckage in the Mobile Delta and why it's NOT the last American slave ship


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