Worst First Pitch Ever? Finally... Someone Who Throws Worse Than I Do!

A Chicago White Sox employee of the month got to throw out a first pitch. And, to put it mildly, she was just a little bit off target.

Her first pitch hit the cameraman instead of the catcher's glove.

The White Sox didn't identify the woman pitcher. But no doubt, her toss is certain to be replayed for years, right up there with the wild first pitch by rapper 50 Cent before a Pirates-Mets game at Citi Field - that came five years and one day earlier.

I can relate. Years ago, when the BayBears were new to Mobile, I was given the opportunity (read that: no one else at the radio station was available) to throw out the first pitch.

I was practicing in the break room.

I don't know how to throw. I was a bookworm in school, not an athlete. (My son's baseball prowess did NOT come from me!)

But I mustered up a little courage and took my daughter out to the mound with me. The ball didn't go anywhere near the catcher. Everyone in the stadium was laughing.

But my daughter looked up at me and said "See, Mom... I knew you could do it!" (See tweet below from this woman's daughter!)

Two things. After that, I let my kids throw out all my first pitches. Kids get "oohs" and "ahhs" and applause.

And I learned to work within my limitations. My most famous moment on the BayBears field came the year that they put me in the outfield for Celebrity Softball.

See pic below. I made the most of it.



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