Mobile Just Had its Hottest Day In Three Years, and It's Not Yet Summer

It's hot on the Gulf Coast right now, and it's not yet summer. The temp in Mobile has once again topped 90 degrees, and that makes this the 13th consecutive day of soaring temps above 90. That might not be a surprise in August, but this streak started in May. On Monday, temps topped out at 97 degrees -- the hottest Mobile has seen since July 2016. Pensacola was even warmer, hitting 98 degrees on Monday.


This is the kind of weather where you need to exercise caution while... um, exercising. It's easy to get overheated if you're working out, especially during the hottest parts of the day. Meteorologists are warning pet owners to take their outdoor pets inside, as well. Our dog mostly stays inside, but Sadie B does get a daily walk. We've been going a little bit later in the evening during these hot days and cutting it short, to ensure she's not overheating. I'm also bringing extra water, for both of us. And always check the pavement, to make sure your dog doesn't burn his/her paws on a hot street.


We'll finally get a reprieve from the soaring temps on Wednesday. NBC-15's Jake Dunne tells us to expect some rain and lower temps topping out in the 80s for the rest of the week. We need the rain, and the expected 2-4 inches of it should generally be welcome news. Your plants will certainly appreciate it.


In the meantime, find ways to stay cool and hydrated during this heat wave. Never leave kids or pets in a hot car. And apparently, you shouldn't leave a water bottle in the car either -- at least not according to this Facebook post from the Laredo Morning Times discovered by's Leada Gore.


Temperature map courtesy of National Weather Service, Mobile

Thumbnail image (thermometer) by Getty Images


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