Ken Jennings Says a Jeopardy! Showdown with James Holzhauer is Invevitable

Ken Jennings almost became Jeopardy!'s 2nd all-time winner -- almost! James Holzhauer was eliminated on Monday's show, after a streak of wins that dated back more than a month. Holzhauer won about $2.4 million, a little more than $58k shy of the amount won by Jennings.

So what to do for an encore? A showdown between the two, of course. While nothing is set by any means, Jennings is clearly open to the idea. Speaking on Good Morning America, he said he thinks a face-off is "inevitable."

The problem is that he's aged a few years. "And obviously I can’t get 29-year-old Ken to show up with his sleek, 29-year-old brain, it’s got to be me with my broke down brain," Jennings said. He was 29-years-old when he went on his remarkable winning streak. Today, Ken Jennings is 45.


Jennings said he's always figured that his record is made to be broken, and he was cheering for Holzhauer during his recent run:

It seemed like he might be the guy, the chosen one, so I was very excited. I wanted to see it come down to the wire, I wanted to see if it could be beaten because I think it can be done.

But for now, Jennings' record still stands. And Holzhauer didn't even come close to setting the record for the number of games won. Jennings won 74 games during his streak, while Holzhauer won just 32 games -- still an incredible number.


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