Any Idea What Dad Wants For Father's Day?

Let's face it. Mother's Day is easy. But Father's Day??

I may have given some of the worst Father's Day gifts ever to my Dad.. probably because my Mom did not think beer was an appropriate gift.

Let's just say he wasn't crazy about what we came up with.

So hopefully we can spare the next generation some angst by actually asking Dads what they want. Any of these surprise you?

1. A phone call from my kids, 47%. (I may be able to make that happen, with numerous threatening texts to the kids...)

2. A big steak, 41%. (As long as he's not doing the grilling!)

3. Some peace and quiet, 38%. (Easier said than done.... just saying.)

4. Watching a baseball game with the family, 38%. (We tried that one year. Game got rained out.)

5. A few beers, 35%. (Like my Dad)

6. A cheap, practical gift like socks or a tie, 35%. (Wait. What? He actually WANTS a tie?!)

7. A glass of wine, 34%. (Ok, maybe a step up from beer...)

8. To watch whatever I want on TV, 34%. (You mean those old B&W movies... again?)

9. A glass of whiskey, 29%. (I'm sensing a pattern here)

10. An expensive physical gift, like an Apple watch, 29%. (Hmmm. Has he been looking at anything in particular lately?)



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