Dad Bods Are More Popular Than Ever


Planet Fitness just gave men a great Father's Day gift! No, not a free gym membership. It may be just the opposite actually. Just in time for Father's Day, the company released the results of a national study that finds "dad bods" are more popular than ever!

Talk about taking the pressure off men. Working out and getting six pack abs is a lot of work, while maintaining a dad bod is... well, a lot easier.

The survey found that dad bods are popular with both men and women, so we don't even have to impress our friends. Both sexes attribute positive traits to men with dad bods. Nearly eighty percent of people said having a dad bod is a sign of confidence. There's little doubt in my mind that confidence is a key measure of someone's attractiveness, so what follows is totally unsurprising:

  • Nearly two thirds of Americans say a man with a dad bod is attractive
  • 61% say the dad bod is sexy
  • A slim majority say a dad bod is the new six-pack (yes, that may be taking it a bit far)

But most guys with a dad bod (79%) say they're happy with their body, a big jump from a similar survey just one year ago (63%). And thanks to DuClaw Brewing Company, there is actually a Dad Bod Beer, which should help you hang onto it.

The results of the study conveniently fit the Planet Fitness brand. They may be a gym, but they call themselves "The Judgement Free Zone." (Note to Planet Fitness: this is how to spell judgment). What better way to make men feel comfortable about taking that dad bod to the gym than by telling them it's attractive? And they may need some motivation, because another Planet Fitness study finds 62% of us will try to get in better shape before stepping foot in the gym!

So enjoy this little Father's Day gift, and try to look excited about the new tie.



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