SQUIRREL! Alabama 'Attack Squirrel' Is An Internet Sensation

The man accused of feeding his squirrel meth to make him aggressive says it's not true... but the Internet doesn't care if the squirrel is 'methed up' or not. Details of the story don't matter. They're just having a field day with the idea of an attack squirrel in Alabama.

The Attack Squirrel even has his own Twitter account.

Here's the news story:

Alabama police are looking for a man who raised an "attack squirrel" using methamphetamines. Authorities say they found the squirrel in an apartment bust in Athens, where 35-year-old Mickey Paulk caged and fed it meth to make it more aggressive. During the raid, another man, 37-year-old Ronnie Reynolds, was arrested at the scene. While Paulk is wanted on drug possession charges, it is also illegal to own a pet squirrel in Alabama. Upon request by the Department of Conservation, the animal was released into the wild.

The suspect and squirrel owner denies his squirrel is 'methed up'-- he even posted a video on Facebook and is doing radio interviews. All this, while still on the run...



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