The 'History of Mel': Mel Showers Exhibit Opens At History Museum of Mobile

Back in the early '90s, when Mix 99.9 was COAST 100, also known back then as WKRG FM, we were looking through the 2nd floor storage area to find some things for a children's exhibit on broadcasting for the history museum in Pensacola.

What we found was a history of Mel Showers. There were all kinds of promotional pieces, including large cut-outs of Mel through the decades. And I remember telling my co-workers that these belonged in a special exhibit, the History of Mel.

Well, that's pretty much what's happened (though I don't know if everything in that storage area survived years of renovation and other changes).

There's now a special Mel Showers exhibit at the History Museum of Mobile, highlighting his 50 years at WKRG. 50 years in TV is almost unheard of. But 50 years at ONE station? Don't know that anyone has ever achieved that!

Now through Sept 1, you can see Mel's work through the decades. "Learn about the major stories he’s covered, the awards and accolades he’s received, as well as the challenges he had to overcome."

Oh, and they've changed the street name in front of our building too...

Congratulations, Mel!



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